ChangeXL (100ml)

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ChangeXL is a Fuel Enzyme Supplement that help make your fuel usage more optimal while keeping your engine clean and free of usual fuel burning byproduct in your engine like carbon and soots.

Each purchase will entitle you with a bottle of 100ml Change XL with a small pamphlet card about the product. The bottle also have a small non-removable measuring area (for maximum of 2.5ml) on the mouth of the bottle for easy measuring



1) Clean Fuel Systems from Fuel Tanks to Engines
+ ChangeXL helps break down contaminants such as sludge, water and bacteria while also gradually dissolving these contaminants in the fuel
+ ChangeXL gradually breaks down carbon deposits in the engines optimizing the fuel usage

2) Reduce Smoke Emissions
+ ChangeXL helps reduce CO2 emission by up to 10%
+ ChangeXL helps reduce NOx emission by up to 10% and in way saving up to 10% of fuel usage
+ ChangeXL helps reduce soot and particulate matter in the engines by up to 40%

3) Saves Costs
+ ChangeXL helps saving the fuel usage by up to 10%
+ ChangeXL help extends the lifespan of tanks, filters, injection system, engines, engine oil and exhaust systems
+ ChangeXL help eliminates micro-organism buildup in the engines like bacterias, moulds or yeasts
+ ChangeXL help enables longer service intervals due to extended lifetime of the engine oil

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